“A Second Home: Mediating Borders and Hospitality” is funded by the leading research environment in Global Media Studies and Politics of Mediated Communication, Stockholm University. 

Research at JMK is marked by outstanding international publications, external research financing and participation in established research networks. Our output is at the forefront of scholarly dialogues on the role of mediated communication in society, drawing upon research questions and methods emanating from both the humanities and social sciences. Comparative studies – over time, between media genres and across cultures – constitute a particular strong suit. A central concern of research conducted under the rubrics of Global Media and Politics of Communication is to produce innovative and meaningful research that aims to contribute to the field by way of promoting a social perspective.


Botkyrka konsthall/Residence Botkyrka
Botkyrka has long been a place where people by the thousands come from elsewhere to live and work. From that starting point, we wish to create a site where visitors from all over the world can indulge in the city’s natural and cultural beauty through exhibitions and exploratory art projects. We are working to make Botkyrka konsthall a model example of how art can function as a catalyst for the revitalization of a city. Botkyrka konsthall pursues issues of co-creation and how the interaction between people can promote social justice and change. Certain subjects and themes keep reoccuring, for example: climate change; globalization; and the social role of music in our society. Residence Botkyrka is run by Botkyrka konsthall and is a collaboration between the Department of Culture and Leisure, the Department of Urban Planning, the housing company Botkyrkabyggen, and the Multicultural Centre, a municipal foundation that is engaged in research, education and cultural events, and has a mission to study and promote a society where diversity is reflected in Sweden’s national self-image and where migration is a natural part of the Swedish cultural heritage. This cooperation enables different people, such as urban planners and researchers, to contribute with knowledge and networks to the visiting grant holders. Botkyrka konsthall is part of the Department of Culture and Leisure of the municipality of Botkyrka. In addition, many of our projects are supported externally.
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Vision Forum is a network of visual artists and curators from Europe who work together with creators in other artistic fields along with researchers in the humanities and sciences. Together we engage in research, production and education. We work towards having a totally horizontal organization where the creators and researchers together develop the program of the organisation. Artist Per Hüttner is the director of the organization since 2009. One of Vision Forum’s research nodes seeks to develop new ways to work with refugees in Europe. The project Riding the Donkey Backwards brings together a group of artists working with performance art and with an interest in humor, with a group of refugees from Afghanistan, Egypt and Sudan. Refugees and artists work together with experienced teachers who have long experience of working with refugees and who also have solid knowledge of humor and the contemporary art scene. So far, we’ve created a dynamic group of artists and refugees who share common interests and work well together. Artists learned about migration and refugees learned about contemporary art and humor. Then we’ve developed a method that is the basis for larger groups of artists and refugees working together. We’ve constructed a Youtube channel with stories of migration with a funny twist and started a Facebook group. Thirdly, we’ve presented our work publicly in Fullersta Gård, Huddinge, Stockholm.
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Per Hüttner, Miriam Andersson-Blecher, Anneli Bäckmann, Jerry Axelsson at Filmhuset